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Barleigh Ranch is run by the Hunter Motorcycle Club, their contact details are:

Phone:   (02) 4987 4144

Directions to get to the circuit are:

Go up the freeway from Sydney to Newcastle - stay on the freeway until the end of it where there is a large roundabout.

Turn right at the roundabout for Hexham - Taree. Follow that road along until you turn left to go over the Hunter River at the Hexham Bridge.

Keep going straight and use the bypass around Raymond Terrace going along the Pacific Highway.

About 12 Kms from Raymond Terrace on the left there is an old billboard for the track for Hunter M/C Club, then just up ahead is the left turn for SEAHAM , turn left there.

First gate on the left is the track after turning off the highway. Go up the dirt road about 1km and you will see the track on the right side.

See you there!