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This is the "Heavenly" range of old dirt bikes and will include photos and information on the restoration and aquisition of various things of beauty... as well as classic road tests of dirt bikes from the era. There is also some stories and photos of the restoration and eventual racing of their precious machines. Just click on one of the links and enjoy...



Suzuki TM250K 1973

How to respoke wheels

Classic Road Tests
Alron Enduro 250
Bultaco Matador SD Mk 4 1973
Bultaco Pursang Mk 7 1974

Bultaco Pursang Desert Racer
Husqvarna 400CR 1973
Kawasaki F11M 1973
Maico MX400 1973
Ossa Explorer 250
Yamaha HL500
Yamaha Protec TT500

Bultaco Pursang Mk8
Bultaco Pursang Mk9
Bultaco Sherpa T M199B
Honda CR125
Honda CR250M
Honda RC125 & RC400
Honda XR75
Kawasaki KX125
Kawasaki KX125/250
Kawasaki KX450
Ossa 250 Phantom
Ossa Trial 303
Stephen Gall
Suzuki RM125
Suzuki RM370 & RM250
Suzuki RM400R
Yamaha GTMX80B
Yamaha YZ125D
Yamaha YZ125 & YZ465
Yamaha YZ80A
Yamaha YZ80B
Yamaha YZ80C
Yamaha YZ80D
Yamaha YZ80E


Check out the articles we have on restoring your classic dirt bike. Respoking your wheels? Click here for an article about from Two Wheels magazine published in May 1974.
Rebuilding your front end? Ross & Helen Benge give us the good oil on restoring a 1973 Suzuki TM250K, check it out here.

Road Tests
Want to find out what your bike was really like when was new? Here are a few articles that should shed some light on it.
Alron - check out this article from Two Wheels - October 1974 on the only Australian built Enduro bike. More...
Bultaco - we have a number of articles on Bultaco (mainly because the webmaster has 4 of 'em) including the Pomeroy Replica Pursang Mk 7 of 1974 and a desert racing Pursang of the same year. Not to forget the Matador SD Mk4 from 1973.
Hodaka - an article from Ray Ryan of VMX Magazine on these unique machines. More...
Husqvarna - an article from trail & track on the 400CR of 1973. More...
Kawasaki - an article from trail & track no. 2 on the first production MX bike Kawasaki ever built the F11M. More...
Ossa - a road test from Two Wheels in 1974 on the Ossa Explorer 250. More...
Maico - a road test from trail & track Number 3 in 1973 on the Maico MX400. More...
- thanks to Graeme McElligott, we have some great articles on the HL500 Alberg Replica and the Protec TT500.
Members Bikes
Check out what your competition will be on the track, by taking a look at the restoration stories of some of our members here...
Original Brochures
How is this for realism - the original brochures!
Check out "Flying's Brochure Page". This page has been set up and supplied by Graham Orbell. Contact him at: flyingpuddin@primus,

Vintage Suppliers
Need that special part that you just can't seem to get hold of? Give one of these specialist classic dirt bike suppliers - they're are sure to have what you need! More...