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Carl Blecher (61) Maico 400 - Evo Open
Photo: Ken Smith

For 2002 HEAVEN VMX Inc will be presenting a 9 round series including Motocross, Dirt Track and Grass Track in NSW.

HEAVEN On Any Sunday Series

Venues for these events will be Hartley, Oran Park, Mt Kembla, Nepean Dirt Track, Barleigh Ranch and Dargle.

There will be three heats per class at each event giving any rider ample opportunity to get out there at show their style.

Listed below is the finalised timetable for events in 2002.

Contact No.
Classic Dirt 2 23rd - 24th February Kyneton, VIC Celebration
03 5449-6042
Round 1 10th March Hartley Grass Track / MX
02 4721-4439
Round 2 28th April Nepean Dirt Track
02 4721-4439
Round 3 19th May Barleigh Ranch Motocross
02 9332-1438
Mr Vintage MX 26th May Barabool, VIC Motocross
03 9455-0022
Round 4 30th June Dargle Grass Track / MX
02 9332-1438
Round 5 CANCELLED !! Mt Kembla Motocross
02 9332-1438
Round 6 25th August Nepean Dirt Track
02 4721-4439
Round 7 8th September Oran Park Motocross
02 9332-1438
Round 8 13th October Nepean Dirt Track
02 4721-4439
Round 9 3rd November Dargle Grass Track / MX
02 9332-1438
Annual Presentation 16th November Concord RSL Presentation
02 9332-1438

Club Championships
There will be a number of championships within the competition year, they are listed below, but are not limited to:

Club Champion - or Club Number 1 Plate
This is a perpetual trophy that each winner will keep for 12 months and hand back to the club before the Annual Presentation each year.
a) The Club Champion Trophy will be awarded to the rider with the most accumulated points for the year for two classes only.
b) If a rider has ridden in more than two classes, the points will be decided on the two best class points total.
c) This will also include the all powers races.

Clubman Trophy
a) The winner of the Clubman Trophy will be awarded to the HEAVEN member that has done the most amount of work to ensure the successful running of HEAVEN events and general club business. It is the person that contributes the most to the objectives of HEAVEN VMX Inc.
b) The winner is to be decided by voting of the Committee and the Race Committee.
c) Each member of both committees will be entitled to one vote only, if there is a tied vote, the President will cast the deciding vote.

Class Championships
Each class shall have a competition pointscore and trophies will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters in each class.

Existing perpetual trophies will be retained and handed to each winner for a 12 month period and will be handed back to the club before the Annual Presentation the following year. The Class Champion Trophies shall be trophies with a photograph of the rider showing the rider's name, machine, position and class.

Competition Rules
Getting enough marshals is always a problem at every event. To encourage riders to be marshals, the following rules apply:
a) Every rider must volunteer for marshalling duties at every event they ride.
b) Each rider must sign a form for marshalling
c) Each member that marshals for an event will receive 5 competition points for one class for each event they are a marshal.
d) The Club will endeavour to supply marshals from other volunteer groups where possible.