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N.S.W. Classic Racing News OR the Captains log

........consider this. Us thirty/forty/fifty-somethings are out there "doing it", defying the odds, refusing to submit to the tyranny of the calendar. Aches and pains that result from living our passion should be worn proudly, as a badge of defiance. We play with carburettors and methanol not poker machines, we build engines not "barge arses" from watching TV on a Sunday arvo'. This is the way of the Vintage Motocross rider. This is how we grow old.....................Pres of QVMX

©2002 SIEGE
Marsh Runyan's Harley Davidson MXer

The above pic of Brad at Beacon Hill in the early 70's about to mount the restored Yamaha DT 2. If only he knew that style and protective clothing would come to riders in the 21st century with the advent of Flat Rabbit Jersey's.

You heard it here first, if you need up to date information on what is going on in the classic scene , then find it here, if you are worried an event may be cancelled, u will find it here, if u have heard a rumour that Club Champion Col Willis is going to retire u will find it here, first!

All Rounds are being reshuffled!!!

Ignore the front page, for example.............. West Wyalong has been cancelled , the changes to the programme require a complete revamp over the next week, So have your say, where do you want an event? Email Mark , if you have a track that would be suitable, and then the final rounds will be published in early February

This years theme starts off akin to an episode of Star Trek ......Captains log ...Stardate 9th January 2003.

2002....This season was an astounding success. More than double growth in membership and forming an alliance with the City of Penrith Club, gave vintage riders a great year of racing. Get in quick and renew your membership for 2003.The current rate of growth in the Vintage movement of NSW could lead to a case of first in dressed.

The Grand Finale of the year was the concept introduced by Vice Presidents Ken Smith & Bruce McFarland ......The Brands Challenge.....won by the Bultaco team ........congrats to the 1974 Mk 7 Bultaco 370 ridden by Victorian racer Denis Curran. He has become a household name. Bruce & Ken are currently refining the whole concept to make it even better for 2003. Who could have imagined getting so much interest from the manufacturers and running an event which has to be a world first amongst vintage clubs. All era's of one brand from 1965 to 1985 on the track at once, it also proved that a great rider can overcome technical superiority!

The past few months has provided a well earned rest for the people who make all this happen, but there are a few who have been busy, albeit at a lower tempo. I am sure that President Roy has bored more than a few dinner guests with his plans for 2003.

Mark Austin & Christine are hatching plans for new tracks, and new tracks gives any racer renewed interest. Tim & Darren have worked on the new Bathurst Grass Track, Licencing should be approved within the week. Other members have come up with a few tracks and rumour has it that HVMX may have more than 1 track completely and solely under its control.

We have seen over the last few weeks some good holiday reading in the motorcycle press, not bad for a two bit club. Ambassador Firko slipped a nice piece in to January's ADB on page 14. No. 300 Brett Glover on Bultaco Mk7 was recognisable in the pics, it wasn't father Graeme he couldn't possibly be that close to the pointy end!

VMX No.18....... 3 pages of Dargle featured , again not bad exposure for a Club day, it's good to have Club Patron Ray Ryan supporting us. Thanks to VP Ken Smith for penning the article. Ken Smith earns the nickname of "Panama Joe" pictured in his South American hat and sporting a gringo moustache. And it's absolutely amazing what tricks a photographer can do for a face...Treasurer Rob Langlands almost looks young and handsome on page 59. It was good to see Greg Ainsworth's Husky featured, he does an absolutely impeccable job on his stable of Husky's.

Zig Zag Austin not surprisingly made it on to the page, after all he is in every race going. And the piece de resistance is...... the 2nd most embarrassing moment of Bruce Mac's life has been immortalised forever in print, like a scene from Austin Powers, "I wasn't there, it wasn't me".... there will be no chance of denial Bruce!

Page 85 of VMX mag brings a few of our Bultaco members to the notice of the public, pictured are the Budge, John Cochrane, Anthony Suttor, Andrew Flynn, Mark Austin's Pursang, and the closet Bultaco afficianado pictured top right 2nd bloke from the right, can you recognise him in that splendid Red and Yellow Bultaco shirt, maybe some hints will help

Hint 1 He cleaned up at Amcross on his 1981 Yamaha 250

Hint 2 father of Glamour vintage mx rider Jessica

Hint 3 winner of a Gold and Silver medal at the 2002 Asia Pacific Masters events

Hint 4 He rides almost every sunday at some club event

Hint 5 He rides with the northern districts Club events against modern bikes and cleans up every event on his old Yammy

Hint 6 A great ambassador for the sport with his friendly demeanour

Hint 7 Works tirelessly in the background setting up tracks and at working bees

Hint 8 Race Committee member

Hint 9 2003 EVO 250 Club Champion

Hint 10 I believe Bultaco is 1st choice and Yamaha his 2nd love

Answer at bottom of page

If you are new to this website, what is it all about.... for some it is racing and winning, the standard at our race days is fantastic. You have 25 year old racers , and some 50 year old racers that are as fast as the day they were in their 20's. For others there are classes that aren't as competitive and it is more an excuse for the restorer to get out and use his pride and joy. For others it is affordable racing as they are still riding their original mount kept in the corner of the shed since 1969. Whatever it is you get out of Vintage racing it is catered for at HVMX and the Penrith Clubs. Either way it is a visual feast as every bike you can remember gets out on the track and slowly or quickly gets around. Come and have a look , it doesn't matter what age you are, just come and look or have a ride at a pace that gets you to work on Monday and you can have a lot of fun.






Answer: - If you still haven't guessed ........Vic Drew



Suzuki TM250K 1973

How to respoke wheels

Classic Road Tests
Alron Enduro 250
Bultaco Matador SD Mk 4 1973
Bultaco Pursang Mk 7 1974

Bultaco Pursang Desert Racer
Husqvarna 400CR 1973
Kawasaki F11M 1973
Maico MX400 1973
Ossa Explorer 250
Yamaha HL500
Yamaha Protec TT500

Bultaco Pursang Mk8
Bultaco Pursang Mk9
Bultaco Sherpa T M199B
Honda CR125
Honda CR250M
Honda RC125 & RC400
Honda XR75
Kawasaki KX125
Kawasaki KX125/250
Kawasaki KX450
Ossa 250 Phantom
Ossa Trial 303
Stephen Gall
Suzuki RM125
Suzuki RM370 & RM250
Suzuki RM400R
Yamaha GTMX80B
Yamaha YZ125D
Yamaha YZ125 & YZ465
Yamaha YZ80A
Yamaha YZ80B
Yamaha YZ80C
Yamaha YZ80D
Yamaha YZ80E


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