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Newsletter #  6
Aug/Sept 2002
"'Life wasn't meant
to be easy"

(Ex PM and Bultaco owner)
QVMX       “DIRT” 
President: Grant Black: (07) 3289 2975
Secretary: Rita Gossage: (07) 5428 2080

Advertising: Brent Paul & Paul Borowinski
Committee: Jeff Weiss, Steve Gossage, Michael Bamford
Race Secretary: Brent Paul & Brad Muirhead

President of Vice: Robin Ricketts: (07) 3824 6708
MA Delegate: Messers Brad & David Muirhead
Treasurer: Caroline Black

QVMX Postal Address;
237 Bellmere Rd. Caboolture, Qld. 4510.

For all you desperados who have ever lusted for a go on a Thumpernats track, QVMX proudly presents …

Green Park at Connondale

SATURDAY - 5th October

Thanks to a suggestion from new club member Tony Ellis, and some smooth talking by Jeff Weiss, we have secured the opportunity to get down and dirty at Thumpernats Central. Camping is permitted Friday and Saturday, so let's make Saturday, (and Saturday night) yet another highlight of the QVMX social calendar.

Why a Saturday? Although Sunday was our preferred option, MAQ refused to issue a permit for our Club day, as it is the same date as Round 5 of the Thunder-X series at Toowoomba. This series hosts the "official" Qld. Titles for Evolution bikes, a fact that may come as news to some of you, (it did to me). MAQ deemed a club event with classes for Evos, on the same day, may have a negative impact on the entries at the T-X. Whilst I can understand the need to protect the viability of a scheduled event, many hours discussion were had with our controlling body, as to whether this threat was theoretical, or based in fact. As the racing calendar is rather busy at this time of year, the Saturday, and a full programme of classes, was the best option at our disposal.

We are going to need some extra Flaggies, so please bring your friends and family members, though for legal reasons, they must be over 16 years old. So get Granny out of the nursing home for the day and we'll stick her under an umbrella and put a flag in her hand. I know everyone will be excited at the prospect of going to Connondale, but please don't cut the corners and knock out the corner posts, the same applies after you arrive.
We have a mud map on the last page. Look for the "QVMX" sign.

paperwork /scrutineering 7-30am - 9.00 am
Mobiles - Grant Black: 0408 073 400
Steve & Rita Gossage: 0408 075 428
Jeff Weiss: 0409 772 438

Race entry fee $20-00 per day - Club Membership $25-00 - Don't forget your current MA licence!!
Any person going onto Race Track must first sign on- (at Official Tent) - i.e. Photographer, Flaggie or friend pushing a bike !!!!
Thanks for keeping us all safe.

Race Report – “Collection Bowl at Tamborine”
Well the 11th August was a beautiful day, again with large numbers of like-minded souls dragging their old machinery, and even older carcasses around the track. The day ran smoothly and efficiently at the hands of the psycho at the starting gate (me) as we steamrolled our way through 40 races!!! Our usual club day race total is about 27 - near the end of the day one of the riders leant over the tape to tell me this was his 14th race! I felt sorry for his back and his wife, as she would have to listen to him groaning for the next few days. Hopefully this meant that everyone had their fill on the day, especially those with more than one bike - several people took advantage of the ability to up-ride - and all seemed to flow smoothly with just one broken throttle cable providing a few exciting moments. Many thanks to all the Shauns who flagged, Sandy the flag-waving Princess and Rita and Caroline who kept cold drinks and snacks up to everyone. For me an energy sapping day - how was it for you guys?
Unf**king real thanks!!

The Presidents Diary...
Monday 9th September
Dear Diary...I have a cunning plan! Remove unnecessary body parts in an effort to gain speed on the track. The tonsils went 4 years ago and the appendix last night. Some less sensitive types have suggested that (most of) my brain and I parted company many years ago, but there should still be room for improvement in that area. (mental note..look in Trading Post for CT scanner)

Dean Clark of Alexandra Hills.

Thanks to everyone who sold Houseboat Raffle Tickets. The Club made $1,528.00, which will go towards a Custom Built QVMX Club Trailer to carry 2 motorbikes & all of The Club's Equipment.
Raffle drawn 31.8.02 by Marjee McCrystal - Special Thanks to Paul Bettin for the donation of the prize. Bookings can be made at
Great Effort!

In The Official Tent at CONONDALE

Drinks will be on Sale: Cans - $1.00 POWERaDE $2.00 (until sold out).
Club T-Shirts will be on SALE $20.00. If we don't have your Style, SIZE or Colour, orders will be taken. When we have sufficient numbers we can then place another order. Please support your Club.
Photos.. professional jobbies from Coles Creek. $10.00 ea. Thanks to Rachael for looking after these at Tamborine.


QVMX Club's Christmas Party - 23rd November 2002

Members & Families Welcome - Beach Party Theme BYO: Drinks, Deck Chair, Beach Towel, Surfboard, Tent, Airbeds & Sleeping Bags.
(P.S. We don't have a swimming pool & we don't live near the beach - GO FIGURE!!).
Spit Roast $6.00 per person. RSVP 9th November 2002
Please send remittance advice slip & money to:-
Caroline Black @ 19 Stansell Court Draper QLD 4520 (07) 3289 2975 - Thank you



Guys, a few words on the condition of some of the bikes coming through scrutineering, I recently did a course - MACHINE EXAMINER at MA - to maintain my officials licence and some of the things where we have been lenient, we now have to crack down on.
The reason for this as you all know is Public Liability Insurance - if we make a genuine mistake and miss something we are covered by insurance but if we let someone through knowingly and something happens it becomes criminal negligence and we the officials are not covered - so now a few examples - at TAMBORINE 2 mufflers fell off, loose spokes that are rusted into the nipples and cannot be tightened, loose steering head bearings, non-returning footpegs, GCR Rule 5.5.31D, page 55 - Separate mufflers must have a minimum of two mountings, self returning footpegs must be fitted, Rule page 131.
HELMETS - if we reject a helmet at scrutineering because it is unsafe we are required by MA to keep that helmet for the race day it will be returned at the end of the day. Race Jerseys with holes or rips will be rejected. Fellas I know this sounds harsh but this is for your own and other riders safety. Next year we will be refusing bikes if they are unsafe.
MODIFIED BIKES!!!! We have no problems with specials or modifying bikes but they must be ERA SYMPATHETIC! If in doubt check with a club official for a ruling. Two examples at Mt Tamborine were RM250B Pre 78 class fitted with an alloy swingarm and longer suspension - YZ250D fitted with alloy swingarm - it is an unfair advantage over the other bikes in this class, as a result modifications like this pushed these bikes into the EVO class.
Again I apologise for coming over all strict and official but it will save you time, money and save us aggro if we get it right the first time round. Apart from the next race meeting at Conondale everyone will have a good 4 to 5 months before the next season starts.
Thanks for letting me ramble on.

Pre '78…expect the 2003 GCRs to state a suspension travel limit of 9", front and rear.

Gary Armstrong is looking into a possible series for modern, and older bikes, for Veterans and juniors on natural terrain tracks. He can be contacted on 07 5476-2533 or email

Found at Tamborine: 1 black, plastic motocross boot buckle strap contact Caroline (07) 3289 2975.


Anyone wishing to add For Sales or contribute (humour?) to newsletter -

SUZUKI RM 125 1977 Runs ok - needs a bit of work. $500 Ph 02 6633 7084 Steve
YAMAHA YZ 125 1978 With worked IT175 motor Very good condition $980 Ph 02 6633 7084 Steve
MONTESA King Scorpion 250 1970 Runs very well needs minimal work $900 Ph 02 6688 0196 Craig
CAN AM 250 1980 Damaged rotary disc $900 Ph 02 6688 0196 Craig
SUZUKI PE 400 Very tidy unit $950 firm Ph 02 6684 5008 Alex
BULTACO PURSANG '76 $1500 Ph 02 6688 2153 Ron
HUSKY WR 390 $1500 Ph 0418 975 531 Gavin
MAICO SC 500 1984 Make an offer Brendan 0402 419 096

HONDA XL 350 Workshop Manual Ph 02 6688 0196 Craig
KONIS 13.5 or 14 inch Ph 02 6688 0196 Craig
TWO SETS of Childs body armour in good condition to suit 8 and 10 year old Rita 0408 075428 or 5428 2080

If you get to Conondale shops you have gone too far, buy an ice cream, turn around and come back a bit.

There's something Freudian about this map Jeff!

Q. What's Kenilworth?
A. Depends how big the dog is.


  • 26 May 02 - Mister Vintage MX Victoria
  • 25 Aug 02 - Proserpine Vintage MX meeting
  • 14 & 15/ Sept/ 02 - NSW Masters Games Coffs Harbour
  • 27,28 Sept 02 - Asia Pacific Games Veterans MX Reedy Creek, Gold Coast
    Ph. Allan Bressan 0411 871637
  • 20 Oct 02 - Qld Classic Scramble Championships
To have any FOR SALES listed or to submit material for Newsletter
please email Brent Paul on